Friday, 12 April 2013

The Girl With No Name

There was this girl last year, she always dressed in black and had the deepest eyes. She seemed to have no friends, she was always walking alone. But she had this amazing sense of...self, I guess. She knew who she was and she didn't care what anyone thought of her. I always wanted to talk to her and then one day she was gone. And so was my chance to ever get to know who she really was.
Once there was a girl who kind of liked someone. And he liked her back. Then they got scared. Fear changes everything.
When everything ended there was a girl left alone, picking up the pieces. In the picture, you can’t see her face because she's got her head down. There is a storm brewing somewhere in the distance, but in the horizon the sun is still shining.
There was a girl who was anchored to something once, but she never wanted to be anchored to someone. Maybe that made her driftwood but maybe it made her, her own person.

Today she saw all these business men crossing the street at lunch. They all had the same suits on and the same faces on. She just kept thinking about what they were like when they were younger. Were their faces always this serious?
She's different. Late at night, when the phone has stopped ringing, the cars have stopped driving by outside, that's when she feels best. It's when she feels most like herself inside her head.
There was once a girl who wondered why thinking you've lost someone makes you realize you love them. Decisions made for the wrong reasons don't last. One can't let impulse, jealousy, override reason.
But then again, what does reason have to do with love?

(This is incomplete, because her story is. Sorry.)


Raj Chawla said...

Well complete it! Does she have a happy ending?
Damn it. You can't do this.

Tangled Tofu said...

Never rush an artist.
Besides, I don't know either. Time will tell?

Rahil Ansari said...

I'm trying hard to connect the dots here, but maybe the whole point of this entry is that the cardinal pieces were meant to be left out for us to figure out ourselves. Genius.

Tangled Tofu said...

I love how you make me sound so gifted. But, Rahil, the truth is that this is just an ordinary compilation of anecdotes. Nothing more than what meets the eye. Sorry to disappoint.

Rahil Ansari said...

I still stand my ground. Genius.

Often when one comes up with something new, people, or the person in question him/herself, find their work to be repulsive.
But in reality it is path breaking. Unheard of. Different.
As time passes, it becomes ever so clear to everybody that you're a genius and you'll be remembered for your work.
Edgar Allan Poe, Guru Dutt, Vincent Van Gogh are here to give you company.
Maybe this isn't your best. But this definitely isn't "ordinary".

That Kapoor boy. said...


Tangled tofu, this girl, whoever she is, is an alluring enigma. Someone who you'd just want to sit down with and talk for hours on end.

Something tells me the girl is you, but I might be wrong. :P

Raj Chawla said...

Maybe I can try and rush time, eh?
It just feels so..abrupt. I wish I could write the girl a happy ending.

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